The Rankins

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Check it out! Little Rankins, awwwwwww

So you want to know about the Rankins? Well I'll tell you what I can! The Rankins hail from the tiny community of Mabou, Nova Scotia Canada. Currently the group consists of John Morris, Jimmy, Cookie and Heather (please see individual pages for more information.)This group of 5 in only half of this talented family, they come from a family of 12 children!

The Rankin's brand of music is one that is unique to them. They skillfully blend traditional Celtic with country and pop, making one of the most exciting sounds known to many.

Some argue that the Rankins shouldn't be called traditional artists. In some ways they are right, but in many they are wrong. The sisters sing haunting Gaelic melodies (a language not spoken by many, including themselves, they receive phonetic coaching in it) that will send shivers up your spine. John Morris will team up with backup band member, Howie MacDonald, on the fiddles and play some rousing jigs and reels while up front the sisters will do some fancy footwork known as stepdancing.

The group recorded their first album back in 1989. They independantly released two albums, "The Rankin Family" and "Fare Thee Well Love" before being signed by EMI Music Canada, who re-released their first two albums on that label. The Rankins have done extensive touring in the past ten years, earning them fans all across Europe, in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and of course their native Canada.

The Rankins' albums to date are:

-Uprooted 1998 -Collection 1996 -Endless Seasons 1995 -Grey Dusk of Eve 1995 -North Country 1993 -Fare Thee Well Love 1990 -The Rankin Family 1989 Plus a special Christmas treat from the sisters: Do You Hear...Christmas With Heather, Cookie and Raylene Rankin 1997

an early pic of the Rankins Photo from EMI The Rankins have the old car surrounded! Photo from EMI Rankins on the steps Photo from EMI