Jimmy Rankin
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James "Jimmy" Rankin, born on May 28th, is the group's "middle child". Jimmy does lead vocal and plays the acoustic guitar. On the early albums he can also be heard doing some drum work.

Jimmy's main talent though is songwriting. He has penned some of the group's biggest hits, including "Movin' On", "You Feel The Same Way Too" and "Fare Thee Well Love". Jimmy's songwriting has won him SOCAN songwriter's awards and appearances on special television programs.

In concert Jimmy is sort of like a group leader. He is constantly telling people to get up off their feet and dance! He seems natural onstage, belting out songs, strumming his guitar and doing funky moves for the audience!

Jimmy Sings
Orangedale Whistle
40 Days and Nights
Let It Go
Roving Gypsy Boy
eyes downcast
Photo from EMI
strummin' away
Photo from official site
nice photo Cuukie!
Photo by Sandi Bartley