My Imzadi Gallery
As I'm sure you can see, I am an Imzadi fan. Exploring the everlasting bond between William Riker and Deanna Troi is one of my latest hobbies.
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Photos of the couple

Ah, the (most often) sweet sounds of Deanna and Will talking
Discussing the Betazoid sex drive Deanna's blended alright Deanna's request for "Nightbird!"
Deanna's drunk! Risian Women From "Encounter at Farpoint"
Will's a little confused Did you come down here to play? From "Insurrection"
From "The Loss" On equal footing A little more seasoned
Back off Deanna! Deanna recalling Data's description of friendship Worf interrupting the hot-tub scene

My Own Imzadi Fan-Fics
The Halloween Party~Will has something special in store for Deanna on this creepy night