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Q: Are all of the Rankins related?
A: Yes of course, why else would they be called the Rankin Family? They are siblings and come from a family of 12.

Q: Who does the lead vocal on the song "Rise Again"?
A: The person behind those stunning vocals is Raylene Rankin.

Q: Why did the band decide to break up??
A: For a number of reasons, they felt it was time to move on, to try new things. Each member wanted to persue their individual interests. I'm sure there's a better answer, it might have something to do with the fact the Rankins do have their own families.

Q: What language is that, that I hear on many of their recordings?
A: The language you're hearing is an ancient Celtic language, commonly known as Gaelic. A note of interest, the Rankins do not actually speak this language, but receive phonetic coaching in it.

Q: What town are the Rankin formerly from? Do any of them still live at home?
A: The Rankins hail from the tiny community of Mabou on the west coast of Cape Breton Island. None of them live in Mabou still, with the remaining band members living in Halifax. John Morris used to live close to home before his death.

Q: Do any of the Rankins have children?
A: Raylene has a son named Alexander and John Morris had two children. As far as I know none of the others have any children.

Q: How old are the Rankins?
A: Old enough :-)

Q: Has the Rankins' music been featured in any movies?
A: The song "Chi Mi Na Morbheanna" was used extensively in the film "Margaret's Museum" The actual song was used and Heather Rankin can be heard humming the tune throughout. Also, their song "Sir James Baird" was used in "The Hanging Garden" (Heather Rankin also appeared in this film) and finally in the movie "Into the West" the familiar tune of "Fare Thee Well Love" is used.

Q: Which sister does that famous laugh at the beginning of "Johnny Tulloch"?
A: That laugh definitely is something else, but I'm not sure who does that! If anyone does know the answer, feel free to drop me a line (or an email).

Q: What is Cookie's real name and why is she called Cookie?
A: Her real name is Carol Jean, as Cookie once said in an article: that name may be on her credit cards but she wouldn't ever consider using it. I have asked several times why she is called Cookie, but I never received a response that satisfied me.