Webpage Credits aka Thank You's

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A HUGE thank you to Irena for the masthead graphic thingy, HTML help, kind words, other dimensions and strange Gaelic sounds. Here's to fat dudes singing!! Sneak this in here: visit Irena's *other* site Student Essay Forum on Canadian Poetry.
Thank you Cuukie for the photos, humour, our many ICQ conversations, nothing, the money (a la Heather!) and for being such a great fan!
Thanks Jenn aka Venn aka Funny_gal for something I'm sure!!
Thanks Kimberley for the help with crediting the Rankin photos. By the way, all Rankin photos found on this site (with the exception of the gallery) are from her site.
Thanks StarBuck for the photos and HTML help.
Thanks Carrie for letting me use the pics on my site!
To the people whose sites I took stuff from, you will be credited on the page where your work appears!

Links To Sites That I support :-)

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